A Strategic Approach to Acquisition
Potential investments come to our attention in a number of ways. Our in-house acquisition team actively looks for potential properties through their contacts with other brokers and owners and then reviews and examines opportunities from developers and property owners who seek us out.
For those properties of interest, our underwriters will perform a market analysis for the property, focusing on:
Economic viability and outlook
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
Class of property
Selling price based on condition, rental rates and income
Area demographics
Competitive analysis
Lease review
CAM analysis
For every 200 prospects, this process yields approximately five candidates worthy of consideration. Eventually, perhaps two to three candidates will receive a letter of intent with price and terms. After performing our due diligence for these properties, including reviewing financial statements, interviewing tenants, and conducting contractor and engineering inspections, our final property choice will move into the closing process.