Building and Preserving Wealth Since 1988
For more than 20 years, Pacific Capital's strategically selected real estate investments have successfully yielded stable, long-term financial rewards.
There is no "get rich quick" scheme. Instead, our team is experienced in good markets and down markets, and have the agility yet disciplined approach to be successful in both. All properties are carefully selected and researched through our proven model, so decisions are based on tangible information and data, not assumptions.
Our principals are personally invested in each and every property. However, our investors are given a preferred return on top of a return of their capital before the partners are rewarded for the performance of an asset. As a result, our group of investors has grown over the years and the majority of new investors are referrals from existing investors. Sellers from whom we purchase also value our integrity and professionalism when it comes to performance and the ability to close deals.
Our portfolio contains approximately 34 properties and is growing every year with new aquisitions.