Property Management: Ensuring Investments Reach Full Potential
Once a property is acquired, our primary objective is to enhance its value. This is achieved through our real estate management services in accordance with the investors' specific property objectives. We work diligently with our investors to develop diversified strategies specifically targeted to maximize asset value, whether it's a value-added property or a portfolio property.
The attention to detail and consistency of day to day operations ultimately reflects the quality of management. Our property portfolio managers have extensive experience specific to the category of property they oversee and take an active role in their daily operations and management. Plus, our team also consists of building maintenance specialists who keep operations running smoothly; sales and leasing professionals who can secure the highest return on each transaction; and other support professionals who are dedicated to making sure that each investment reaches its full potential.
The expertise of this team, combined with valuable, long-term working relationships with reliable contractors, architects, and maintenance partners, ensures the highest level of quality and accountability throughout the life of the property.
Managing Investments for the Highest Performance
To make an investment successful, it is important to accept stewardship of the property and the core responsibility to the tenants. Our strategy for success is founded on improving the investment; and our commitment to this principle is demonstrated by our in-house property management team.
Our in-house property management team takes pride in providing the highest level of attention and value to the performance of the property. This team allows us to provide a higher level of attention to the property than third-party management firms and as a result, we are able to maintain high occupancy levels at advantageous rents. This results in higher net operating income and a better overall bottom line performance.
This team has also developed relationships with subcontractors and specialists local to each property to respond swiftly to tenant needs and keep it in prime condition. Over the years, we have developed excellent vendor relationships and are continually cultivating more to benefit the property, tenants and ultimately our investors.